Welcome to The Mint Chip Mama Blog!


Welcome to August!

Today, August 1st 2014, I am officially launching this blog – The Mint Chip Mama!

I’m just a mom who used to do something else at a desk and then a kid came along. Then another. Then I reinvented myself – like so many of us do after children – and started writing. I lived in Manhattan at the time, where the possibilities were endless and you can meet all kinds of wonderful people any day of the week. I was lucky enough to be welcomed into the blogging community and started building relationships.

I was honored to write for a friend who runs Macaroni Kid Manhattan East Side. I was having so much fun I started looking for other opportunities as well, which brought me to The Huffington Post. I loved doing both. Covering events and new products as well as writing about important topics that I think about often. Now, with The Mint Chip Mama my goal is to do both.

In honor of the first day of the last month of summer, as Back to School shopping looms and the excitement for a new year begins, I’m happy to announce The Mint Chip Mama 1st Annual “31 Days til Back to School”.

I loved school. I loved Back to School shopping almost as much. These days so many friends come to me as a resource on a variety of things – from swing sets to trip preparations; from kid-friendly food you would never think of to where to score the best deal on anything you would ever want or need. So I thought the perfect kick-off would be a series of my favorite things and places.

Each day I will be writing about something I genuinely love. These are not freebies I got in exchange for a post. Full disclosure – some things were sent to me and then became a favorite thing, but most were not. Some will be places I love to visit. Some will be parent life-savers. Some will be things that you want to kick your kids out and enjoy alone (read: not parent related at all). But I promise you this – you will like these things too! I’m excited to say that because so many wonderful brands believe in me and The Mint Chip Mama I have tons of #giveaways to share!

Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and most important enjoy reading my blog. If I can get you to laugh – extra points for me.

As my kickoff giveaway I will be giving away a Chanel make-up bag filled with some goodies. The bag will go to the person who shares my blog the most over the 31 days. Yeah, I said Chanel.

So ladies & gentlemen, let the games begin…..

*Update* I’ve gotten so many emails asking for a sneak preview of the giveaways  – I’ll only spill 10. Let’s just say if you are a fan of AladdinBaskin Robbins, Evenflo FeedingGlamourmomJessica’s Natural FoodsMabel’s LabelsRSDubs RibbonsVamousseVitabath, and Wall Pops you’ll be happy!


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