Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Now..


So excited for the first day of The Mint Chip Mama‘s “31 Days til Back to School” ()!

There will be lots of great #giveaways from the companies I love. Since I love them I want you to love them too! I called this series “til Back to School” not for Back to School because not everything is for a kid or parent. For example, if you like ice cream, then you’ll be interested. If not, stop reading – I don’t trust you, who doesn’t like ice cream?

Here is how the winners will be chosen:

Everyday a new post will be published featuring one of my favorite things. To win the giveaway that day you must comment ON THAT BLOG POST. Only comments on that day’s comment section (not on Facebook, Twitter, etc) will be chosen. The winner will be chosen by an impartial 3rd party 1 week to the day of the post at 5pm. The funnier you are the more she will like what you wrote. But she’s 4 so keep it PG.

The Chanel makeup bag filled with goodies will be given to the person who shares The Mint Chip Mama the most overall during the 31 days (this means share on Facebook, Twitter, from that day’s blog, even over the phone).

All items will be shipped directly to you. If you live near me, they will be delivered by carrier pigeon.

Get psyched. get pumped.


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