Happy childhood memories come in a jar…with a spout! Day 1 of My Favorite Things: Aladdin


Day 1 of My Favorite Things: Aladdin

20140802 Aladdin Giveaway

@Aladdin_PMI #aladdinmason

There are few things that make me think of summer more than a big glass jar with a spout. I had one growing up. One could find it outside and filled with ice water all summer long. Once it got cold outside the jar spent its winters on a shelf in my mom’s basement reminding us of the good times of summer. To this day when I see it on that shelf it takes me back to my childhood – playing in my kiddie pool and then eating a Pop Tart.


Our old jar still in my Mom’s lovely basement.

You can imagine how excited I was when I got a special delivery from Aladdin in the dead of winter – the Entertaining Collection!


Check out the snow. A nice contrast to the happy people pictured outside.

This box of fun was filled not only with an Aladdin 1 Gallon Glass Mason Beverage Dispenser but also plastic Mason cups, insulated tumblers, and a pitcher! Perfect for the new homeowner super eager to finally have a backyard of her own where I could entertain. It also made looking at the two feet of snow outside my door much easier.

The snow melted, the sun started shining, the temperature rose and summer arrived! This year I was able to bring back those nice childhood memories in my own backyard and next to my children’s kiddie pool.

Aladdin Pictures

My Aladdin dispenser mocking it’s predecessor. *Note to my mom – I’ll bring it back later.

My Aladdin Beverage Dispenser has been the most invited guest to all our parties this summer. It still gives me a thrill every time I use it. It’s usually filled with freshly brewed iced tea. But I must say, I have a Sangria recipe with its name on it. The one gallon size is perfect to fill with enough for a large party but it still fits perfectly in my refrigerator.

20140802 Jar with Iced tea

Ruby Sipper iced tea served to my lovely guests last weekend. Thank you hand model DL.

The matching Mason pitcher is perfect for day to day dining al fresco – and my daughter loves the matching cups and fun red and white striped straws.

Thank you, Aladdin for sending me some sunshine in the winter and bringing back great memories in the summer. You have become one of my favorite things!

*GIVEAWAY* The generous people of Aladdin have offered to giveaway the Aladdin 1 Gallon Glass Mason Beverage Dispenser & 16oz Classic Mason To-Go Cup 4pk pictured!

To win – please post in the comment section below:

What is your favorite summer memory around a beverage?

Winner will be chosen Saturday, August 9th.

20140802 Aladdin Giveaway


Here is a little more on Aladdin because as you know – I LOVE learning about the heritage of brands:

Aladdin has been creating lifestyle products since 1908. From the character lunch boxes that many carried as kids, to the stylish mugs they use for their morning coffee today, Aladdin is committed to creating thoughtful food and beverage solutions for modern lifestyles that make everyday moments better.

The Aladdin 1 Gallon Glass Mason Beverage Dispenser (MSRP: $9.48) is made with glass and is naturally BPA free & recyclable.

The 16oz Classic Mason To-Go Cup 4pk (MSRP: $7.88) is made with durable Eastman® Tritan™ that won’t crack, break or stain. They are dishwasher safe & BPA free.

The Entertaining Collection is currently 25% off on Aladdin‘s site. All yours for $29.99!

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Thank you to @Momtrends for introducing me to the brand!


14 thoughts on “Happy childhood memories come in a jar…with a spout! Day 1 of My Favorite Things: Aladdin

  1. Dayna Terranova

    When I was 10 my parents sent me to sleep away camp. Me and my bunk mates all used to come to camp with a few staple supply’s. One was Lipton Iced Tea mix. We used to make iced tea in our squirt bottles and bring it around to activities. We would squirt the iced tea into our mouths. Still to this day I rembember the taste and smell of that iced tea. And whenever I see Lipton Iced Tea sitting on the supermarket shelves it brings me back to my childhood at sleep away camp!


  2. Dana Gross

    To me, summer is when I can find lemonade everywhere. From high end versions in restaurants to stands run by kids, I find it difficult to resist the temptation. And the tarter the better.


  3. Theresa Rothman

    I fondly remember huge plastic pitchers of Lipton Iced Tea, where no matter how well you mixed it, or how much ice you put in there was always a thick layer of undissolved powder at the bottom! Totally loaded with sugar and awesomeness and I always think of summer when I see it!


  4. maya

    My favorite memory is at camp, getting iced tea and lemonade mix, but not actually mixing it, but licking our fingers and eating the sugary powder off my finger. yum and gross all at once.


  5. Alison Goldblatt

    My mom always made
    BBQs all summer and she would always make the adults sea breezes. She would always let me have a “sip”. I remember when I was finally allowed to have my own! I felt like such a grown up ha ha. Sea breezes = summertime!!


  6. Namrata Lohiya

    My mom’s homemade thandai (a rich, nutritious, Indian summer time drink full of fennel) during two months of summer vacation- my fondest summer time memory. Everyday she would spend almost an hour grinding 10-15 ingredients on mortar and pestle, straining them, adding milk and making three glasses of refreshing drink for us- my dad, my brother and me. She would always skip treating herself with one. We couldn’t wait to gulp it down after playing out all afternoon in 110 degrees. I will never forget that smell and taste!


  7. Oh, yes! Iced tea… That was my favorite summertime drink. I remember being 6 years old, running out of the pool in my white eyelet bikini with my braided ponytails with pink bows as my Aunt Joanie walked towards the deck with her tan Tupperware iced tea pitcher… She always used to let me stir it up and taste it to make sure it was just right. I would always bring some iced tea to my Poppy first and then we would all sit on the deck and sip some yummy, iced cold tea! I miss those summers!


  8. The winner is— DARA!

    Thank you to everyone for participating and sharing your special memories. We really enjoyed reading them. Please come back everyday for another chance to win one of my favorite things!


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