Pride: In the Naaaame of Ribbons. Day 8 of My Favorite Things: RSDubs Ribbons


Day 8 of My Favorite Things: RSDubs Ribbons


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Today’s favorite thing is very near and dear to my heart. Actually, it is so near that it is something I created! If you have not yet seen the haute couture organza ribbon and character grosgrain ribbon hair accessories my daughter and I designed, put through research and development to perfect, and finally brought to market – allow me to introduce you to RSDubs Ribbons!

20140809 RSDUBS Ribbons

The Mint Chip Mama at a Mompreneur Event, May 28, 2014.

RSDubs Ribbons was started in our home back in April of 2014, after my daughter asked me for some pretty specific hair accessories we could not find. “R” for her name, “S” for mine, “Dubs” for the first letter of our last name – W (Dubs is from a movie quote my husband and I joke about frequently). She and I worked together – building her confidence along the way – to come up with the current design. She was beyond proud to announce to her classmates and friends that she “had her own business”. She was even more excited when she had a little pocket change of her own – that she “earned” – to buy the things she wanted without me getting the final say of “yes” or “no”. My little entrepreneur. She even insists on wearing an RSDubs Ribbons hair accessory when she goes to birthday parties so other kids can see her product and place orders. Genius!


RSDubs Ribbons co-founder at the top of The Wonder Wheel in one of our original designs.

We are having such success selling at events and on Facebook. The feedback is very positive for our designs and people really identify the name RSDubs Ribbons with quality organza ribbon and character grosgrain ribbon hair accessories. In fact, they have sold out everywhere we went! We have also been shipping orders across the nation and have gotten quite the following! So much so that we started an album of our “Happy RSDubs Ribbons Fans!” from all the pictures we received. This original title and format for sharing the love really resonated with our clients who appreciate originality and fun, whimsical designs.

Pogany Sabrina & Savannah Bri Wallace

A little into our design process – my daughter and I sit and review tons of catalogs looking for the perfect ribbons for our next season’s collection. Then once received, I cut a grosgrain ribbon and she chooses the organza ribbon to match it (sometimes I don’t like the combination she picks, but I don’t mention it – maybe she knows the four year old market better than I do). We make the hair accessory and to market it goes. It has been so much fun teaching my daughter about business and economics. She is proud of herself and I am proud of myself! It’s a win-win.


A custom order for a local school.

So forgive me on this Saturday for a little self promotion, but if I can’t share something I am proud of and that was created in my home, what’s the point of having such a large audience?

We can make one of our hair accessories with any of our character grosgrain ribbon and your choice of colored organza ribbon. Whatever you like is yours. Does your daughter only wear pink? Purple? No problem. We’ve been there, we get it. Remember, our co-founder is 4. She is very particular. Custom orders welcome. If there is a character or team you are looking for, just ask! We have been honored to donate to local charities as well and are always happy to give when we can, just ask. RSDubs Ribbons make great school/cheer fund raising accessories too. Contact us for more information at

DSC_2042Thank you RSDubs Ribbons for introducing me and my daughter to the pride of being an entrepreneur. You have become one of my favorite things!

*GIVEAWAY* RSDubs Ribbons has offered to give away a hair accessory of your choice to one lucky reader!

To win – please post in the comment section below:

What was your favorite hair accessory as a kid?

Winner will be chosen Saturday, August 16th.



Here is a little more on RSDubs Ribbons because as you know – I LOVE learning about the heritage of brands:

RSDubs Ribbons is the original organza ribbon & character grosgrain ribbon company. It was started in my home by me and my daughter. Our final product – what you see – was crafted after several trials of research and design. Any other character grosgrain and organza ribbon in this configuration is a copy of our design.

Each item is handmade by me and can be customized in any color organza ribbon that you would like. Special orders available! Great for party favors.

To view the full RSDubs Ribbons Collection, please visit us on Facebook at: You can email your order request to or visit us at our online boutique on Etsy.

Visit me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. Love me forever. #MintChipMama31DaystilBTS


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