SnackTaxi, SnackTaxi Riding in the Backseat..Day 10 of My Favorite Things: SnackTAXI


Day 10 of My Favorite Things: SnackTAXI Reusable Bags

20140811 Snack

SnackTaxi’s organic wrap in Mod Squad.

@snackTAXI Facebook

On day two of “my favorite things” I asked: What do you consider your most “granola-y” trait. This is a funny question because what one may consider “granola-y” another may consider just a normal part of their day to day life. I pride myself on living somewhere in between. But the bigger question is why is being conscious about the earth and caring about your “foot print” only something for hippies? It is fantastic! I was raised to believe in these things (granted by a hippy) and it is funny now how everyone else is catching up and it is chic. I remember driving an hour to find a health food store so my mom could get whatever hippy crap she was looking for at the time. Now, on every corner there is a health food store or a juice “emporium”. I challenge you NOT to say organic, GMO, rbST, or gluten when talking about food. Caring for the earth and being a good citizen of the earth is now main stream.

 20140811 Snack basket

So what are some of my “granola-y” traits? I mean “good citizen of the earth” traits?  Glad you asked. Just a few highlights…. The first thing I do every morning is open all of our blinds (for natural light). The windows – of course – are already open. I prefer ceiling fans instead of the air conditioner (can you imagine my delight when we walked into the house we bought & there was a ceiling fan already in each bedroom – fate!). I don’t turn on lights until sunset (we are blessed with tons of natural light). I try to consolidate my errands by location so I am not driving back and forth all week long. I do a full load of laundry only once a week. I run the dishwasher at night, when it is packed. I’m a serial gift bag, wrapping paper and tissue paper re-user. I’m an insane water conservator – keeping any extra water in some type of vessel until I can water my plants. I put ice cubes that fall on the floor in house plants. I re-use plastic shopping bags for garbage bags. I keep enough grocery tote bags in my car in case I have to buy for a flash mob (I really want to be part of a flash mob. Are they still a thing?). I twitch when I see food going to waste (I use to take leftovers and give them to homeless people on the streets of Manhattan). And so help my husband if he tries to get away with sneaking the recyclable bottles into the trash again. I’ve installed sonar, night-vision military grade surveillance cameras in our trash cans. Of which, we have one for garbage, one for plastics, one for paper, and one for bottles to go back to the store (one day I’m going to buy a Ferrari with all of those nickels). I use “select-a-size” Bounty paper towels, sometimes even ripping one piece into thirds. I have even figured out the minimum squares of Charmin toilet paper needed for a successful – you know (TMI?). Nope, not that – we have a bidet! Speaking of paper towels and toilet paper (I should mention buying a brand name is a rarity as I usually buy generic) I always look for the largest amount in the smallest rolls. So I’m the one staring and counting on my fingers in Target to figure out if the seven extra jumbo big ginormous rolls that are equivalent to buying 950 single rolls really do come out cheaper. I have even gone so far as to buy re-usable stainless steel straws (this one I have to bow my hat to Oprah for the idea, so it’s ok).

 20140811 Oyster_Bay-20140811-02894 (2)Oyster_Bay-20140811-02896

Speaking of Oprah I remember her chatting (probably with the Gayle-ster) about something she does that Steadman mocks her about – re-using plastic sandwich bags. Now, this is something I do (I mean it’s like Oprah and I are the same person – right?). But I happen to have fantastic re-usable ones from SnackTAXI, so it’s ok. When these bags hit the market a few years ago I was curious about them. Then, I went to a Crest Pro-Health event (where I met Jennie Garth – yep!) and the SnackTAXI bag was part of their give away. I was so excited! I started using these bags and pretty much haven’t stopped in the last two years. They are slim, light weight, cute, colorful, secure (they have a big, thick Velcro stripe to keep them tightly closed), handmade with natural products in Massachusetts, and good for the earth. They are so great even my husband uses them. I LOVE these bags.

20140811 SnackTaxi

Team Kelly.

SnackTAXI sacks are the perfect thing for back to school. Start the year off by committing to save the earth – just a little bit. Plus you get to choose from tons of cute patterns! One even says “Gluten Free!” on the label – a great idea so you can keep the sack separate and free of items that might cause a reaction. They have a full line of lunch time items, shopping items, and kitchen and table items. And… As I see now on the SnackTAXI website – their products were featured on Oprah. How’s that for full circle?

Thank you SnackTAXI for introducing me to a great re-usable, earth friendly product. You have become one of my favorite things!

*GIVEAWAY* SnackTAXI has offered to give away a snack-sack to one lucky reader in the US or Canada!

To win – please post in the comment section below:

What item do you re-use over and over and over again?

Winner will be chosen Monday, August 18.

20140811 Snack Sack


Here is a little more on SnackTAXI because as you know – I LOVE learning about the heritage of brands:

In 2003, Erin Kelly-Dill had HAD IT with plastic baggies so she made a few reusable bags to pack her kids (and their snacks) off to day camp. The counselors asked if she could make some for them, and really, the rest is history!  They still sell the same sacks today, and because she really likes making things (all kinds of things!); they’ve recently added a number of other items to their collection as well.  They also offer a thoughtfully curated selection of their favorite things on their website.  What TAXIgoods is all about: crafting goods of the highest quality, that, in the design and in the making, respect our community, environment, and Earth.

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9 thoughts on “SnackTaxi, SnackTaxi Riding in the Backseat..Day 10 of My Favorite Things: SnackTAXI

  1. Silvia

    I’ve been collecting a few tote bags for the last couple of years, and I use them for so many things: taking toys to the park, for grocery shopping, for carrying the books we check out from the library, for wet swimsuits after a day at the lake, you name it! They’re also very pretty and from different places so they also work as conversation starters!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. maya

    I collect portable bags. Somehow we have accumulated so many. I leave them in my car, at home, bring them to the kids’ school and everywhere in between. I try to not use plastic bags since I always have a bag (or 6) with me.

    Liked by 1 person

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