We… Are A Part… of A Recycled Nation. Day 19 of My Favorite Things: Preserve


Day 19 of My Favorite Things: Preserve Recycled Home & Bath Products

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m all about saving the Earth. I believe in recycling and conserving, buying organic and supporting small companies that are trying to make a difference. Today I want to talk about a company that I did not realize I had been a fan of until I started looking for new outside reusable plates, bowls and cups – Preserve.

Now that we are homeowners and the nice weather lures us outside multiple times a week to dine al fresco, I couldn’t – in good conscience – use paper plates. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy melamine either because of the studies I found on their chemicals. My research led me to Preserve Everyday Tableware.

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Preserve is not only a certified B Corporation but they make everything from 100% recycled household products. They collect #5 plastic—such as yogurt cups and other common household containers—via their Gimme 5 program and then transform the #5 plastics into new Preserve products. Pretty cool, right? On top of that – all recycling and manufacturing is done in the USA – in Waltham, Massachusetts to be exact (go Judges!). Their mission is to help reduce the harm caused by the industrial age by demonstrating that consumer products can be both fabulous and lighter on the earth.

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I mean…? I was sold. I needed to know more ASAP. My eyebrow was raised and my interest was piqued.

I started poking around their website and saw looking back at me one of my favorite storage containers. I ran to the kitchen – and sure enough, as exciting as it was to see the Dharma initiative logo – right there on the bottom of my apple green container, it said “Preserve“. You can’t make something like that up! I couldn’t order the Preserve Everyday Tableware fast enough. Plus they were so inexpensive – coming out to less than $2 per plate/bowl/cup. Done and done.

20140820 Green

If I could be any more excited – they had a video interviewing the company’s founder – Eric Hudson – and filmed in front of their manufacturing equipment – on their website. I was in HEAVEN! You could see the products being made in the background! Like their very own episode of How It’s Made.

The company says it uses 46 percent less energy, 48 percent less coal, 54 percent less water and at least 75 percent less oil because of its practices. They have recycling partnerships with Stonyfield, Brita, Burts Bees & Whole Foods to name a few you may have heard of (and use). So in theory if you buy a big tub of Stonyfield yogurt from Whole Foods and then store it in individual serving cups from Preserve and then bring back the empty tub to Whole Foods to recycle – you are the greatest person on the Earth. But no pressure.

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I feel really good supporting this brand and I want you to support them too. Check out their lunch box friendly food storage containers for back to school. Hey – you go nuts about buying healthy food, but isn’t that all for naught if you put it in a storage container or plastic bag made from the stuff you go out of your way to avoid?

Thank you Preserve for introducing me to a great product that has secretly been a loved family member for years and now helps me enjoy family dinners while feeling good about what I am using. You have become one of my favorite things!

*GIVEAWAY* everyone wins today! Preserve is offering all readers of The Mint Chip Mama 15% off their Everyday Tableware purchase by using code: “TheMintChipMama”.


Here is a little more on Preserve because as you know – I LOVE learning about the heritage of brands:

Founded in 1996 by Eric Hudson – a former “finance guy” – Preserve has promised to make smart, everyday products that are good for people and the planet, empowering people to make a difference and to expect more from products and the companies that make them. Since Preserve’s launch, all recycling and manufacturing has been done in the U.S.A. We use life cycle thinking and a systemic approach to make beautifully designed high-functional products. All of our products are #5 polypropylene BPA-Free 100% recycled plastic (the most benign plastic). We are committed to meeting the highest safety standards for all of our products.

Studying the recycling system, as it existed at the time, Eric noticed a missing link. More consumers were recycling, but few manufacturers were putting recycled materials to good use. Low-quality penholders and cheap ashtrays abounded, while thoughtful vision was absent.

Eric dedicated his new venture to using Earth’s resources more efficiently and responsibly, and to transforming recycled materials into products that were functional, well-designed and fun to use. But making new products was just the beginning of the story. From its inception, Preserve has been dedicated to “walking the walk”—that is, we apply our founding principles to everything we do. In particular, recycling has been at the core of what we make as a company and what we do as a team. As a new company, we developed plans that make it easy for our customers to recycle our products; and internally, we made recycling a priority in our business model.

Recycling is often cited as the most popular green activity in the US—and the production, delivery and consumption of consumer products accounts for almost a third of the country’s emissions. These statistics tell us clearly that the work we are doing as a team, with our partners and our customers, is more urgent than ever.

Preserve meets B Corp’s rigorous standards of social & environmental performance, accountability and transparency and helps to lead B Corp’s #Bthechange movement.

In 2007, Preserve created an innovative take-back program, Gimme 5, to accept #5 plastics and transform them into new Preserve products. Preserve offers an end-of-life solution to recycle our products through our Gimme 5 mail-in and retail-based program or via curbside in communities that accept #5. #5 plastics, formally called polypropylene, are the most common plastic found in the US waste stream with less than 2% of the material being recycled. #5 plastic is strong, lightweight, benign, and easy-to-recycle plastic.

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