It’s 2pm Eterna-a-a-a-all. Day 27 of My Favorite Things: Globalization


Day 27 of My Favorite Things: Globalization

Today I did a global experiment. I have friends in all parts of the world. I asked them – via my Facebook page – to take a picture with their phone at 2pm Eastern Standard Time and email it to me. What you see below is the result.

I think it is so cool that I posted this request from my bed in New York at 9am this morning and was able to reach people in all corners of the world immediately. Can you believe there was a time when you could only write letters? Or make expensive long distance phone calls? It amazed me that with the push of a button I got to all of you. Pretty cool, right? Our kids will grow up in a world knowing nothing but this. Amazing. Thank you for your help today.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Thank you Sandra E.!

Chris G

Rockaway Beach, New York

Thank you Chris G.! 

East Hampton

East Hampton, New York

Thank you Jen G.!

Gaithersburg MD

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Thank you Danny C.!

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Thank you Noam G.!

Los Angeles, California

Beverly Hills, California

Thank you Alex C.!


Manhattan, New York

Thank you Monica S.!

Port Washinton, NY

Port Washington, New York

Thank you Ross W.!

Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn, New York

Thank you Erin K.!

Toronto, Canada Jack A

Toronto, Canada

Thank you Jack A.!

Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington

Thank you Avery F.!

And finally… my view at 2pm EST today:

Sands Point, NY

Sands Point, New York

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Thank you everyone for helping me with this “experiment”. All who have responded have become one of my favorite things!


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