Bidet is Gonna Be the Day That They’re Gonna Throw it Back to You. Day 31 of My Favorite Things: Luxe Bidet Neo 180 (Elite Series)


Day 31 of My Favorite Things:  Luxe Bidet Neo 180 (Elite Series)

20140917 Bidet

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I love Europe. I love the food. I love the history. I love the culture. And I love that if you stay at a nice hotel you will find a bidet in your en-suite lavatory. Yep. I look forward to many things when I travel abroad and a bidet is always one of them.

20140917 Bidet 3

The beautiful bathroom at the Alfonso XIII Hotel in Seville, Spain

Why is this? For those laughing to themselves right now secretly saying “me too!,” I needn’t elaborate. For those who are not — allow me to explain.

20140917 Bidet 4

Our bathroom in Santorini, Greece

When you need to – shall we say – take care of business, very often – shall we say – an acceptable exit strategy – is a challenge. Many opt for wads of toilet paper; however a dry sweep doesn’t always do the trick, as you know. I was of the “wipes” persuasion for quite some time (even pre-kids… I am very cosmopolitan) which provided an acceptable conclusion. However, upon returning from Italy last April, my daily morning routine left me wanting more. I longed for those days in Tuscany: the fresh pasta; the cappuccinos; the clean feeling after – you know. Plus, you know I am an Earth-friendly hippy – I hated wasting so many wipes. Apparently I was not alone in using them – the poor sewers.

20140917 Bidet 6

The least luxurious accommodations I ever visited, in China

During one of my – shall we say – business meetings, I was playing around online as I often do and the deal of the day on Amazon was the Luxe Bidet Neo 180 (Elite Series). Always a fan of a deal, I pondered the idea of buying it and soul-searched for a while to decide if I was that cool. I mean – we did already eat dinner after 8pm, enjoyed full fat cheese, and wore a lot of black. We were practically European. But could I do it?

I realized my anniversary was upon us as well as moving into our first house. So yes, I pulled the plug (ha ha, actually it’s called a flapper, I just looked it up) and ordered it “for” my husband.

When it arrived, I excitedly wrapped it up and presented it to him. I thought he would be bowled over (HA! Good one me) but he was a bit skeptical. I reminded him of our long walks sans children next to the Arno, our daily mandatory gelato rule, and how nice it was upon our return to our hotel after a big dinner to have the luxury lavatory accommodations we so rightly deserved. His eyebrow was raised but always the good sport he said “why not?” (if you know my husband you know that is not true at all, so allow my creative license).

20140917 Bidet 7

Bongiorno from Toscano!

We moved into our house and I immediately set up my new bidet. It was FANTASTIC! I mean – if you want to feel like the Queen of England and all. Sitting on her throne (no really, I kill me). I was able to set it up myself in about fifteen minutes using the basic tools I had at home. I was very surprised (and impressed) that it was so easy to do and – Voilà – it worked! I even celebrated by eating some Fiber One to try it out (just kidding).

20140917 Bidet 5

One of my overall favorite bathrooms at Restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco, CA

To use the bidet you simply pull up a small lever (as a bonus it is like a throttle and you kind of feel like you are in Top Gun) which then shoots water from the bowl – up. You can adjust the angle as well as the pressure.

When I was originally researching the bidet I was not sure it would be sturdy if it was an attachment. I have to say – it is very sturdy – we’ve been using it… daily… for almost a year and it still looks brand new. I was also skeptical about the cold water option thinking that would be weird, but it isn’t at all. You don’t even notice the temperature. Even first thing in the morning when I am barely awake and usually have – shall we say – conference calls in my office, the water temperature is fine. I love this product. It is amazing. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It also looks somewhat low-key so it can be there without raising too much interest from your kid.


The Wallenstein commode (south)

As my mother would say, it “tuch-as a long time” to take the plunge and get it but it was well worth it (hilarious, it’s almost too easy). As a busy mom who really, really appreciates a good business meeting (especially when I can sneak away for thirty seconds alone) this bidet makes me feel like I work for a Fortune 500 company. If only it came with dental.

*GIVEAWAY* Luxe Bidet has generously offered to give away a Luxe Bidet Neo 180 to one lucky reader!

To win – please post in the comment section below:

What is your favorite activity to do while in your “office”? Catch up on trashy magazines? Check your email? We promise not to tell!

Winner will be chosen Wednesday, September 24th.

20140917 Bidet 2


Here is a little more on Luxe Bidet because as you know – I LOVE learning about the heritage of brands:

Luxe Bidet is a growing company based in San Diego, California. We pride ourselves on producing premium quality bidets as a hygienic and comfortable alternative to toilet paper.

Bidets are often recommended for the elderly or for those recovering from surgery, but they can be used by anyone. They cut down on toilet paper usage, improve hygiene, and leave you with a refreshingly clean feeling. Even children at an appropriate age can operate a bidet on their own.

Luxe Bidet products are mechanical attachments and cost far less than many electric bidets. Installation is simple so you can do it yourself. All accessories are provided; you only need a screwdriver and wrench.

For more information visit the FAQs.

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11 thoughts on “Bidet is Gonna Be the Day That They’re Gonna Throw it Back to You. Day 31 of My Favorite Things: Luxe Bidet Neo 180 (Elite Series)

  1. Jason

    Favorite things to do:

    1) Sing “Tinkle Tinkle Little Star” (my wife’s song)
    2) Count fingers and toes to make sure they still total 10
    3) Try and recite the alphabet backwards
    4) Try and recite the alphabet forwards
    5) Re-count fingers and toes (depending on how long I’ve been there…a lot can happen)

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  2. Jennifer

    Oh, the sheer mortification at posting a comment…because just because you promise not to share…I’m already “out” there…my favorite things to do…generally finish watching something on Netflix, or peruse Allure…but my true favorite…just for the sheer pleasure of being alone and the few minutes of privacy…I grab my compact and my tweezers and I groom my eyebrows…pluck the errant stray hair! And of course…Pinterest! What better time to add to my “dream room” board than while I’m in a room I dream about gutting to the studs!

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