Your Kids Sitting Still at Mealtime IS Possible! (PS – They Might Learn Something Too! Shhh…)


Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth

20150112 Table Time

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Allow me to introduce you to a new, great tool that will keep your kids sitting on their tushies, patiently waiting for you at the dinner table. Did I get your attention?

I present to you the newly created Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth – filled with all kinds of fun and quirky illustrations that “sneak” fantastic and entrancing concepts in front of your hungry impatient children at meal time. My almost five year old daughter loved it immediately. In fact her first reaction says it all.

20150112 Table Time 2

After a few minutes patiently (yes! PATIENTLY!) waiting for dinner, face down, eyes darting all over, she said “So, Mama, it’s a tablecloth, but when I’m waiting for my food, I can – like – look at it!” Followed by “It’s a pattern! Look, I LOVE THIS! It’s math! MATH! I’m supposed to learn math!”. I could not make this up. Slam. Dunk. Like the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook, of tablecloths.


Conceived by teacher Micky Afnan and lovingly illustrated by The Simpsons® Emmy nominated animator Rob Oliver, the Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth makes learning math fun and engaging for pre-k and kindergarten kids aged two through six. Your kids will be happy (and quiet!). They will learn things you want them to learn. They will sit still. And, as a bonus, if your husband likes to quote The Simpsons as much as mine does, he will be happy seeing this in his house!


Quite simply, my daughter is enamored with this tablecloth. The Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth features a wide variety of math related lessons that cover the educational State Standards children must learn to progress to the next grade. All of the lessons feature wonderfully detailed, quirky animal characters and imagery. There are patterns, days of the week, months, seasons, learning to count to 50, simple addition, identifying geometric shapes, understanding “less than” and “greater than,” how to tell time, and over 20 other math related concepts to keep your kids sitting still at the dinner table.

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The Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth is made from PEVA, which has the feel of vinyl but no harmful PVCs or BPAs and cleans up easily with a damp cloth. It measures 52″x72″, and fits on a rectangular or oblong table that seats four to six people.


The Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth retails for $24.99 and is currently available online, on Amazon or by calling (844) 383-2430.

In addition to a learning tool, the Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth makes a fabulous “peek-a-boo” partner, so I would recommend getting some clips to keep it in place… I  learned this the hard way!

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*GIVEAWAY* The generous people of Table-Time have offered to give away a Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth!

To win, please post in the comments section below:

How do you occupy your kids so you can get dinner on the table?

Winner will be chosen Wednesday, January 21st, 2015.

*Update 1/19* Due to the great response I’ve received on this post, the nice people at Table-Time have offered to make everyone a winner! In addition to entering a comment below, to win, if you enter the coupon code “mintchipmama” on Amazon or at you’ll get 25% off! This code is good until Wed 1/21/15.


Here is a little more on Table-Time because as you know – I LOVE learning about the heritage of brands:

At five years old, Micky Afnan was often found sitting in her parent’s country kitchen in rural Coburg, Oregon, looking at a tablecloth her mother had constructed out of a map of the United States – with all of its state capitals. She wasn’t trying to learn any of the capital names, yet two months later she knew them all.  Somehow, just by being exposed to this information in the most relaxed setting, every state capital’s name had magically found its way into her mind!

After 30 years of teaching, Micky thought it was an opportune time to build on that simple idea from her childhood and create a low-tech/high impact teaching tool that would help busy parents accelerate their child’s learning. After two years of planning, sketching, and character development the Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” Tablecloth was born. The perfect addition to your family, an attention grabbing – battery free – object that gathers families to the most important place of all in the home, the dinner table.