Seriously Spoiled – A Pampering Haven for Little Girls


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One of the reasons I love having a daughter is that I get to live vicariously through her. This could mean having a blast on rides at an amusement park (which now make me dizzy & nauseous), seeing a show for the first time, and of course, getting pampered.

When we moved to Long Island from Manhattan last year, my daughter – who had never gotten a hair cut before – decided it was time. Naturally, as the biggest girly girl I knew, I wanted her gateway into the world of primping and pampering to have a lasting impression.  My vast search led me to Seriously Spoiled in Dix Hills.


We entered Seriously Spoiled and immediately knew we hit the jackpot. It was pink and pink and pink and pink. There was fun stuff to smell and fun stuff to touch and fun stuff to make and fun stuff to buy. I was in love! I mean, my daughter was in love! It was literally the place that if you looked up in the dictionary for where the best place to take a little girl is, there would be a picture of Seriously Spoiled.

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The hair stylist proceeded to give my daughter one of the most thorough haircuts I’ve ever seen followed by a decadent, indulgent pedicure. I sat there jealously looking at my stringy overdue locks and gnarled nails. Alas, vicarious.


Her hair looked fantastic. So much so that we’ve only taken her to Seriously Spoiled for subsequent haircuts. Why not? It is awesome and reasonable – if not cheaper – for a kid’s cut than most other places. Add in the fact it is the most adorable dream come true place for a little girl, add in the cotton candy scented hair spray, and you can’t go wrong.


What sets Seriously Spoiled apart from similar places is they actually do haircuts, not just hair styles.  Besides these fabulous haircuts and pedicures, Seriously Spoiled is a full service salon and spa for ladies under 18. They offer manicures, facials, massages, updos, glamour services, celebrations, theme events (including their triple sold out Frozen event), after school play dates, parties, Girl Scout events, American Girl hair styling, and all kinds of pampering combination packages.  If you want to think even bigger – they have a 19 passenger pink limo on call and ready to glam up your special occasion!


Each time we’ve been there a different age group was enjoying a party. I was a little sad I couldn’t join, despite my continuous begging. Sadly, my over 18-ness negated my pampering invitation. Plus, I didn’t know them…

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In addition to all the fabulous things they can do to you, they have a ton of options in their “Create Your Own” station for the budding cosmetic executive. Your little lady can make her own sugar scrub, lip gloss or shimmer lotion. She can even design her own “scoop” of ice cream (body scrub) – toppings and all – that will make her body smell delicious (yes, my daughter chose Mint Chip without prompting!).


Seriously Spoiled also offers a full retail space carefully curated with not only soft, cozy lounge wear but interactive creative play and pampering products that continue the spa experience at home – with a friend or parent.


Seriously Spoiled has three locations in New York – Dix Hills, Patchogue Village, and Middle Village. All locations are open Wednesday – Friday from 10am – 7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 6pm. They are also a completely nut-free facility (one of the owner’s daughters has an allergy so they are on high alert). Next time your favorite little girl needs a cut, or you are celebrating something special, check them out. You will not be disappointed!


*GIVEAWAY* Seriously Spoiled has generously offered to give away a Mint Chip Mama Spa experience to one lucky reader! This includes a haircut, mani/pedi combination and a “Create Your Own” of your choice!

To win – please post in the comment section below:

What is your favorite way to live vicariously through your daughter?

Winner will be chosen Friday, February 20, 2015.


Here is a little more on Seriously Spoiled because as you know – I LOVE learning about the heritage of brands:

Two sisters – one a hair stylist and one a nail tech – wanted to take their little girls to a spa. Since there were no “kid” spas out there at the time, they went to a regular “mom” spa. Once there, they got less than stellar feedback from fellow patrons.

Little did they know this experience would change their lives! It prompted them to open Seriously Spoiled, their own under 18 full service salon and spa, with the goal of offering your daughters the spa experience they would want for their daughters.


24 thoughts on “Seriously Spoiled – A Pampering Haven for Little Girls

  1. Helen B.

    The way I live vicariously through my daughter is watching her do things I would never have the courage to do! She loves to sing and performs at her school talent shows and I am always in awe of her ability to sing but more of how she is fearless and enjoys herself. Something that I never did and still could not do!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stephanie Grossman

    When I watch my daughter being the best mommy to my granddaughter, I am overcome with emotion. It takes me back to my own memories watching her grow and evolving into the wonderful daughter,mommy and wife she is today! I would love to give her this gift so that she can share it with her daughter ( my granddaughter) who we both are so in love with and is such a girly girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Barbara Peters

    I love to watch my daughter in dance class. I took classes until I was pregnant with her. I miss it, and hope to return one day, but watching her find joy in dance makes me so happy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Valerie K

    As I watched my 10 year old daughter pawing through the racks at a warehouse event for her favorite clothing store last night, holding her coat, her cell phone, her dozen shirts that she HAD TO HAVE (because, you know she has NOTHING to wear) I realized that the days were speeding ahead in a warp speed rate. Was it yesterday that I was taking her to a mommy and me class? Or kissing the boo boo on her skinned knee? Instead of growling and grumbling like the mom standing five feet away, I savored every moment of watching my little girl move towards womanhood. I restrained myself from making suggestions (“mom! That is soooo not in style!!”) and gloried in her making choices of her own. The majority of the time her choices are indeed correct (so much for my fashion sense) but I know I will always be there to give her a boost when….or if….she ever faulters.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. stephanie

    I love watching my daughter just play. no structured activity – just imaginative play. She is creative, sweet and strong. She shows me and reminds me how to have fun.
    She has the best laugh!

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  6. Gayle Zweback

    I live vicariously through my daughter as she lives each day to fullest, enjoying every moment with few cares in the world. She sees the beauty in everything and the good in everyone.

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  7. Susan Teeter

    I live through my two girls by planning themed bdays since the were born. I make everything handmade down to the invites , favors, decorations, and clothing 🙂 this year were having s annie themed Bday complete with annie outfit, annie music, games ,Annie cookies,and more! Weeks to plan and only 1 1/2 of time but I love the excitement .

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  8. I live vicariously through my daughter when I watch her interact with my 91 year old grandmother (her great grandmother). Their relationship and special bond are priceless. I never was as fortunate to have a memorable relationship with my great grandparents since they passed away when I was a baby. My daughter brings so much joy to my grandmother and she claims that this is what keeps her going. There are almost 87 years between them and they’re able to laugh together, smile together and even cry together. I am so very blessed to witness this remarkable relationship!!

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  9. Lisa Buglione

    Love, Love, Love the idea of Seriously Spoiled for the little ones. Perfect for a special time with my niece. A way to pamper her after karate and jujitsu lessons and to indulge the totally “girly” side of her.

    The allergy friendly environment excites the “allergy aunt” in me. It would be a breath of fresh air to be able to go and not be overly worried about allergens. Cannot wait to take her!

    Although not my daughter, I live life more fully because of her. At a different stage in my life (mine are all grown) I now have the opportunity to slow down and enjoy every minute of this amazing child. I thoroughly enjoy watching her play, dance, ski and just be silly. This special little 5 year old brings joy to every day. Every new experience brings laughter and fun, I cannot wait to bring her to Seriously Spoiled.

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  10. I cant say that I actually could live vicariously through my 4 year old daughter… because having a girl is so new to me. I have an older son and I have 2 brothers — so the pink, princesses, primping is all new to me.
    But, for me, there is nothing better than my daughter running downstairs with makeup all over her face, polished nails, and a tutu… to show her daddy how beautiful she looks.

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  11. Sari Dreyfus

    I didn’t think I cared if my first child was a boy or girl, but I was totally wrong! I am so glad to have a little girl and best friend! I love doing all the things I loved to do with her! Seeing the happiness and joy in her eyes makes me relive the happiest times! I love watching her do girly things with her friends and big cousin!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Alison

    Having 2 daughters I think living vicariously through them just happens… Every day… In every way. It is often hard to believe I am a mom and that I have 2 girls of my own when I can picture myself at their ages like it was yesterday! It is very surreal and I often feel like I am reliving my own childhood by watching them love theirs.. If that make sense. And then their are the moments like this week watching them ski where I completely live vicariously through them because I had never done that as a child. Every moment of everyday, every emotion they have I live it with them, the loves of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thank you to everyone who commented! I absolutely loved every one. So much so I had to ask a guest judge to choose!

    Alison – you are the winner!

    (But your stories are all winners to me!)

    It is amazing how much love one can feel for their child. I just sit & stare smiling.


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