Will You Still Bug Meeee, Tomorrow…



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I don’t like bugs. I won’t kill them because I’m nuts, but I don’t like them. I equally don’t like bug spray. Not the chemicals, not the feel, not the spray, not the smell, not how I – despite my best efforts – get it in my mouth EVERY time, nothing about it. In fact, generally speaking, I prefer the bug bites over the bug spray (which I usually get anyway even if I use the stinky sprays rendering my use of it moot). So when I was approached at the Momtrends Travel Event by Guardian about their plant-based, non-toxic pump-spray alternative to DEET bug repellant I was intrigued.

Lucky for me I scored a bunch of samples. I threw one in my car and kept one in my downstairs bathroom right next to our patio door. As the bugs started to come out, I started to use it. I must say, I loved it. It didn’t feel gross (the technical term for how most bug sprays feel), it didn’t smell like bug spray (aka human repellent), and thanks to the pump spray vs. the aerosol can, it didn’t get in my mouth (win for The Mint Chip Mama!). Best of all – I DIDN’T GET BUG BITES!

We live next to a water basin so bugs are a-plenty over here at Camp Wallenstein. I was super happy to play with my kids in my backyard and retire for the night without scratching. Even more impressive, when we went to visit our CSA farm and saw swarms and swarms of erudite, organic artisanal vegetable loving bugs, we did a quick spray and voila! No bites. Win one for the humans!


Currently, 80% of insect repellents on the market are (the synthetic chemical) DEET–based. Yuck. Many parents, including myself, try to avoid DEET as it is not a nice product. Last year, as a more natural alternative, TyraTech (who also makes a great natural lice/lice prevention product) began offering Guardian – a safe, effective, non-toxic insect repellent that is 100% DEET-free. Guardian is the first major innovation in over 60 years in the fight against mosquitos and ticks. This means it will excite two generations of bug haters in your family.

So with the summer in full swing, I want to tell you, dear readers, about Guardian as you get yourselves ready to travel about, especially to areas where insects are active. Guardian’s patented technology, using the plant-based essential oil Geraniol (an active ingredient derived from plants like geraniums and roses), is scientifically proven to perform as well or better than DEET-based products. If you dislike the strong odor or feel of DEET, or find DEET products ineffective or irritating, Guardian is a great alternative for you!

Backyard_Wilderness-4oz-Pump_Spray-FINAL_PACKAGE (1)

Guardian currently offers two types of insect repellent, the 4-hour Backyard – comparable to 15% DEET products – and designed for activities such as backyard BBQs, trips to the playground, and time spent enjoying outdoor sporting events and the 8-hour Wilderness – which outperforms 15% DEET products – designed for extended time outdoors in heavily infested areas. Camping, fishing, kayaking, backpacking, whatever adventure awaits, Guardian Wilderness delivers repellency without compromise and won’t harm your plastics and gear.

DEET-free Guardian insect repellents are currently available on Amazon.com.

Here’s to a bug-bite free fabulous Summer!



One lucky reader will win a DEET-Free Guardian Insect Repellent Pack that includes:

A full size (4oz) & travel size (1oz) Guardian Backyard

          A full size (4oz) & travel size (1oz)           Guardian Wilderness

To win – please post in the comment section below:

What’s the most creative way you’ve tried to keep mosquitoes out of your yard?

Winner chosen Saturday, July 18th, 2015.


So excited for Blogger Bash!


6 thoughts on “Will You Still Bug Meeee, Tomorrow…

  1. Cara O'Brien

    Bless you for this. I too hate bug spray and am often devoured by bugs. My creative way of protecting my backyard from bugs is to simply be outside with others. The bugs will get me, thus protecting the rest of the backyard. Works like a charm. For others.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Leslie Levy

    Emily gets crazy blow ups from bug bites so this year we are trying Johnsons baby cream. No odor but questioning its effectiveness since she got bit right after I put it on her. This might be the perfect product for her. Thanks for the info!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for posting this! Very informative. Being allergic to bugs (especially to mosquitoes) – I actually put on some bug repellent almost every morning. I always look for the safest ones that are out there!

    Liked by 1 person

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