They Paved Paradise and Put Up A Parking App



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Fall is coming! Fall is coming! My absolute favorite season is Fall. Especially Fall in Manhattan. My favorite beautiful city suddenly switches – almost on a dime – from a sweltering urban heat bubble to a cool, rainbow of colors.

I used to love walking around the Great Lawn just to see what the skyline looked like smiling at the lucky trees changing from green to red.

20140810 The park

Now as a suburban dweller, it’s hard to resist the short drive to do this again. The only hitch is of course parking.

The idea of parking in Manhattan is so stressful.

Where is the closest garage?

Will it cost me more to park than my mortgage?

Will the garage be full once I get there?

How do I get to where I’m going once I park my car?

I believe I have the answer for you – meet ParkWhiz! With their super easy to use App you type in where you’re going and your entry and exit time. It quickly pulls up all garages in the area with their fabulous discounted prices! But what’s even better – it tells you how long of a walk the garage is to your destination! This makes it easy to gauge if the price differences are justified by the time it saves you by proximity.

IMG_8534    IMG_8535

So you found your winner. You simply click on it and tap to pay – It’s that easy! Your spot is reserved and waiting for you, you have directions how to get to the lot and you have directions how to get to your destination. They also send you an email with links to everything you need (including a cancellation link just in case).

 IMG_7139    IMG_7378

Once you arrive at the garage, you can throw your keys ala Ferris Bueller (hopefully not) and be on your way! When you return, just show your parking confirmation in the app or email, and off you go.


When the sun starts to set on your big pimpin’ city day, ParkWhiz’s App pops up with a reminder of how much time is left on your pre-paid reservation and kindly offers you directions back to your car. This means even the least city friendly, lost person can be painlessly guided back to the garage (read: your mom).

 IMG_7376    IMG_7377

So as you start making your Fall & Winter plans to see The Rockettes (OMG, Radio City parking – oy!), the tree lighting – which is December 2, 7pm –9pm (OMG, Rockefeller Center parking – oy!), a kid’s show (OMG, parking with an impatient child in the car – oy!), The Ride (OMG, Times Square parking – oy!), or Story Pirates (OMG, Hell’s Kitchen parking – oy!) ParkWhiz is for you.

App, tap, pay, park, play.


Here’s a map of all the NYC garages just to confirm they’ve got your covered.

Live in Chicago or San Francisco – they’ve got a dedicated page for each of these cities too including local events and discounts. But wait – there’s more – check out their nationwide network of parking spots in cities everywhere!

Staying longer than a few days? Check out the NY, Chicago, and San Fran monthly parking maps (with promotions brightly highlighted) to easily compare prices.

Even bigger news for those of you in the Chicago area – September 9th, 2015 ParkWhiz introduced $5 flat rate parking at more than 100 of its Chicago-area parking facilities. Customers can now reserve an hour of parking for $5, two hours for $10 and 12 hours for $15.

If all of this doesn’t sound cool enough – check this out – they even had a dedicated page just for people going to Lollapalooza last week!

I love that ParkWhiz thinks about the major events going on and tries to make your life easier. Now if that isn’t different from your mother’s parking App I don’t know what is. Again, she is most likely lost in Weehawken trying to find the FDR.

Own a company where your employees need to park in a city? Check out ParkWhiz’s corporate parking program.

Sending someone into the city for a night out? How nice would it be to set up a spot for them or to include a parking gift certificate? Wait – that’s actually a really great idea…

Still got questions? Give them a call! They can be reached at: 1 (888) 472-7594 from 6am-8pm CT, 7 days a week.



ParkWhiz has offered to give away to one lucky The Mint Chip Mama reader!

$75 in free parking!

To win, please comment below:

What’s your most creative secret to finding a parking spot?

Winner chosen Thursday, September 17, 2015.


4 thoughts on “They Paved Paradise and Put Up A Parking App

  1. jen

    not the most creative, but when i drive into nyc i always go more north and east to find parking…and give myself 20 minutes of circling in a 3 block radius before i break down and pull into the closest lot to my destination!

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