It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chrismukah: Momtrends Holiday Soiree



Momtrends #MTholiday

One of the reasons I love blogging is I get to go to some pretty cool events and learn about some pretty cool brands. One of my favorite events of the season is the Momtrends holiday party – which was last night in Manhattan.

So what’s the inside scoop of the hottest trends for the holiday season? Glad you asked!


First I have to say how happy I was to see Pom Wonderful. There was a time in my life that I would have been hooked up to a pomegranate juice IV (if socially acceptable) so just seeing their curvy bottle made me smile. As with many obsessions I’ve had over the years, tasting it brought back memories from my youth (read: 20s before kids). However, I was more excited to learn about the leaps and bounds the brand has come in the last decade. I even got the eponymous fruit to bring home and attempt to gut. Challenge accepted.


I was super excited to meet the team from Galison Mudpuppy, one of my favorite brands for years. I was excited to see all their high quality offerings including their awesome Double Draw collection. Think Victor Victoria for the erudite coloring enthusiast. But I LOVE the idea of their Make-A-Mask line even more. From puzzles to puppets, the Mudpuppy quality has always impressed me. Better yet the Make-A-Mask book I received occupied my kids for quite some time on our day off today!


Forget Romeo and Juliet – no true love is stronger than between a pair of socks. Who hasn’t wept at the loss of a favorite one by the dreaded dryer monster? If you too think about this you’ll love SockTabs (spoiler alert – they’ll be featured on Shark Tank November 20th!) a quirky gift for the person who has everything.


With all the cooking going on the new few weeks, I highly recommend trying one of Tessemae’s all natural dressings, marinades and spreads. If their delicious taste isn’t enough, know they are made by hunky Maryland lacrosse players. The recipe is their mom’s and the story only gets cuter from there… but the proof is in dressing – which sold out in Whole Foods on their first try in only four days. Add some veggie love to your dinner table with their easy fix – chopped romaine and some lemon garlic Tessemae’s dressing. I kind of need more right now.


If your kids are big online surfers and you’re worried about all the grossness we as adults know exist out there, take a look at Net Nanny – the highly acclaimed, #1-rated parental controls software that protects your family by keeping them safe online. While we can’t be looking over our kid’s shoulder every time they go on the computer Net Nanny can.

There’s always a brand I’m curious about that I leave thrilled to have met. For me last night this brand was Bedgear. From the moment I felt their performance pillows I was hooked. But the thought of going to sleep on one of their performance mattress toppers had me begging for one. My mattress is on its way out yet we can’t decide on a size, so a quick fix like this might be the perfect answer. Please can I have one? Please?


I was lucky enough to go home with many samples last night. Even more lucky to be given a HUGE Igloo Soft Side cooler tote in which to carry them home. As the leaves are falling off the trees this bag gave me hope that beach weather is right around the corner. Looking at their Party Bar made me long for just one more barbeque, yet the weather is cold and rainy.


What holiday season would be complete without toys? My two favorite Hasbro games regardless of their age are Operation and Jenga. Both games I genuinely enjoy playing. Not to mention Jenga offers a University of Michigan version – so cleary it’s the coolest game EVER! My jaw dropped as I approached the booth and every game displayed (classics was the name of their game last night) brought back a memory. I was even lucky enough to go home with Battleship – a game I’ve wanted for literally 30 years.


Better than toys (sometimes) are really great personalized books. You may know of my obsession for them if your child recently had a birthday or was born or had any other life event where one gives a gift. I think you could have a million books and that still wouldn’t be enough. They take up less room than toys and can be enjoyed for years. I love the ones from I See Me. My favorite is their My Farm Friends book but this holiday season will be bringing my kids their two new titles: My Very Own Trucks and It’s Fancy to Be Me. Such a nice gift idea.


With the holiday season often comes thoughts of charity. Last night’s event introduced me to Bottomless Closet whose mission is to be the connection that inspires and guides disadvantaged New York City women to enter the workforce and achieve success. If you’re looking to donate lightly used or new work clothing, please consider Bottomless Closet.

I always like to look at things from different angles and find something new in the old. I feel like the common thread with all of the brands I spoke with last night was they all offered slightly unorthodox (read: creative) gift ideas that would be really useful to your family and friends. I hope you too can “meet” these brands by reading this post and that they find a place under your holiday totem of choice.


Besides the brands above, I was lucky enough to chat with or receive samples from the following companies. Take a look, you too may find a new favorite thing!




Net Nanny@netnanny

The Nanny League@thenannyleague


Pom Wonderful@pomwonderful 


American Girl@American_Girl

Galison Mudpuppy@GalisonMudpuppy

Glam Squad@GlamSquad

I See Me@ISeeMe_Books



Susan Mallery@SusanMallery



Dream on Me@DreamOnMeInc


Bottomless Closet@BttmlessClstNYC


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