Sesame Street Live “Let’s Dance!”


What’s red and full of love and perfect for the week of Valentine’s Day? Why – Elmo and Sesame Street Live “Let’s Dance!” – of course!

20160216 Sesame st live

Sesame Street Live “Let’s Dance!” offers an up-close, interactive experience where the audience and Sesame Street characters have a dance party in the aisles! The ninety minute show is hosted by two live performers and features all of your favorite Sesame Street characters. But best of all – my kids loved that Elmo, Cookie Monster, Telly, Rosita, and Grover walked up and down the aisles right past them so they could dance with them, not just watch them up on stage.

As most of you know regardless of the day it’s always about your kids. So when my family and I were given the opportunity to see Sesame Street Live “Let’s Dance!” at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on Valentine’s Day we couldn’t resist! Chocolates shmocklates.

Having an avid Sesame Street fan in our two year old son and a six year old team player (who secretly still loves the show) in our daughter, we couldn’t think of a more fun evening activity. Adding in my husband had Monday off and it’s a match made in heaven. We even found street parking. Doesn’t get much better than that!


If you’ve been following my blog since the Summer you’ll know I’m not only a big fan of Sesame Street but of Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania too. On a cold day in New York it makes me happy to reminisce about our great trip there in June. Remember the sun? So I was excited to visit with our good old friends one more time.

Like television’s Sesame Street, each Sesame Street Live production features timeless tunes and lessons for all ages. The universal appeal of each Broadway-quality musical production continues long after preschool (my Kindergartener loved it!). Adults will appreciate the professional staging, cleverly written script, and recognizable music they can share with their children. With familiar songs like Frank Sinatra’s “I Won’t Dance” lovingly sang by Bert, “Wheels on the Bus” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” the crowd pleasers kept on coming. Culminating with a Michael Jackson-esque like Thriller choreographed number akin to Flashdance’s Maniac and danced by the great Mr. Barishnacookie. What more do you need?


As much as the four of us enjoyed the show – I love the charitable aspect of the production company as well. For example – in celebration of Sesame Street Live “Let’s Dance!” Elmo and Grover made an appearance at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, January 27. Elmo and Grover danced, took photos and did arts and crafts with some of the patients who were undergoing treatment.


Photo Credit: Charles Manley

Two weeks later, on February 10th, Elmo and Cookie Monster headed uptown to the Children’s Aid Society in East Harlem and led children (aged 3-4) in a Sesame Street themed dance class alongside Molly Jackson, the show’s performance director.


Photo credit: Rana Faure/MSG Photos

NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and Children’s Aid Society in East Harlem are both partners of The Garden of Dreams Foundation which works with The Madison Square Garden Company and MSG Networks Inc. to help children facing obstacles such as homelessness, extreme poverty, illness and foster care.

What does all of this mean? Both the kids and you will love the show. Your ticket purchase will go towards helping kids, and everyone will leave happy – even cool six years olds who think they’re just going for their brother. How do I know? Because as we were leaving said six year old exclaimed: “This was awesome! Even for a six year old!” and hasn’t stopped talking about the show since Sunday.


Sesame Street Live “Let’s Dance!” is in New York until February 21st and then they’re off to tour the rest of the country. See their schedule and ticket availability here. If you have some flexibility on your dates you can take advantage of their current 25% off promotion here or by using promotional code: SAVE25.



Turks and Caicos – The Perfect Getaway!


‘Twas just a fortnight ago I sat on the sea’s edge with my paramour quietly reading. How lovely it was to have no clock, no responsibilities, and no dependents nearby handing me a bugger.

As I opined in my Huffington Post piece last month “Vacation: All We Ever Wanted. Vacation: Miles to Getaway!” it was so nice for the two of us to just get away to the Caribbean for a bit.

To relax.

To stare at the ocean.

To wake to the sound of waves crashing.

To only think about how early one needs to leave to walk down the beach in time for our dinner reservation.



Our little getaway was perfect. We choose Turks & Caicos because we always wanted to go there and because there was an amazing mile redemption promotion going on (let’s be honest here).

We stayed at the beautiful Ocean Club West resort on Grace Bay which was in walking distance to the majority of restaurants and shops in the area. The one day we (rightly so!) ventured out of the area was to dine at the infamous Da Conch Shack. For this we rented a car – surprisingly cheaper and easier than a round trip taxi!


While I loved our vacation for two – I can certainly see the draw to this island and specifically to this hotel for those traveling with children. The low key resort offered rooms of all sizes with our  two bedroom suite being so big I felt bad that it was only us!


My husband and I spoke multiple times about how if our kids were there we could put them to bed at 8pm & still enjoy the room and view with the lights on until our desired bedtime (which was embarrassingly early most nights). Isn’t that all one wants when traveling with children?

There was a fully equipped kitchen ready to go for any meal as well as strainers, etc. available to wash off a quick fruit snack.

Coupled with a gym and full spa – Ocean Club West could not be beat. Funny as it sounds – I appreciated the little details – like the foot shower at the entrance of the beach/resort allowing you to easily clean off your feet vs. doing the “don’t get me wet” hokey pokey one plays with a full outdoor shower. There was a beautiful pool, beautiful fountains, and even little statues here and there a kid would love to “find” on a scavenger hunt throughout the resort.


But I must say – my absolute favorite part of all – was our huge screened-in balcony. We’d wake and read there, we’d come home and read there. We’d drink coffee and sit there. Any time of day, it was perfect. To me the height of luxury is not the lobby of the resort but the proximity I can sleep to the ocean. If I can hear the waves and nothing else I’m in heaven. This was heaven.


One of our favorite meals (both for food and view) was at the resort’s Seaside Cafe. Our first night there we just sat and repeated over and over “THIS is what vacation is all about”. The Seaside Cafe should not be missed. No matter where you stay. It is straight and to the point. If you read the restaurant’s name it’s exactly what you get. When I go to the beach I want to eat by the ocean. Simple as that. Keep your fancy inland bistros.



As a guest of Ocean Club West you’re welcome to take advantage of all the amenities of their sister property Ocean Club too – located a nice walking distance down the beach. They welcome guests either by foot or complimentary shuttle. I loved this option as the walk “there” is always more fun than the walk “back”. Plus it’s like getting two resorts for the price of one.


Ocean Club West and Turks and Caicos should be on your short list for your next solo, singles, couples, girls, or family vacation (omg is going back myself an option!!?). I found this resort to be both affordable and reasonably priced in an otherwise expensive area. The resort had every amenity we wanted and the location could not be beat. I would happily recommend it but more importantly I would go back in a heartbeat.

If you do visit, it’s good to secure airport transfers in advance. We used Mr. Virgil’s taxi service roundtrip and were very happy with them. You can reach them at: 649-231-0199 or at

Bon Voyage – or as they say in Turks and Caicos – “have a good trip”. Because they speak English. They also take your good old George Washington’s.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.