Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower EVER!


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Pregnancy is an interesting time in one’s life. It is a finite, life changing experience that may come to you never, once or multiple times. It is a time of bonding for women and a time when you sit in awe of your body and what it can do. It is also a very social time. For me I likened it to my freshman year of college when everyone wanted to make friends with a cohort.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child – a daughter – I was living on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. If you are familiar with Manhattan then you will know you can find anything and everything there. So I looked and found a vibrant, generous, friendly community for new and expectant moms under the umbrella of Big City Moms.

From their informative monthly Expecting Events, to their Biggest Baby Shower, to their Family Wellness Solutions Support Groups, to their Save-A-Tot CPR & Nanny Safety Classes this non-stop activity laden community was the place for me. I made tons of friends immediately and went home with a big bag of swag each event.

I honestly think my experience as a first time pregnant mom would have been very different without Big City Moms. Even as I went through my second pregnancy I was excited to attend these events since new products came out and new friends were to be made. Now, at 36 weeks pregnant with my third and living on Long Island I could not imagine missing their bi-annual anchor event, the Biggest Baby Shower – on Tuesday May 10th, 2016 at The Metropolitan Pavilion, from 5:30pm – 9:30pm.

20160506 BCM 2

So what exactly is the Biggest Baby Shower? I describe it to the pregnant women I stop on the street to tell about it (true story) as a mix of an independent and a big box baby Mecca but instead of just seeing gear and food and diapers and innovative products, you get to meet the person who created it or represents the company, and they’re ready to answer all of your questions. Think two thousand preggos and new moms waddling through two floors filled with over 140 of the top brands in the industry. From carriers, car seats and strollers to nursery decor and newborn necessities including brands like: 4 Moms, Tula, Britax, Bugaboo, Dr. Smiths, Ergo Baby, Nuna, Huggies, Orbit Baby, Smarty Pants, Gerber BabyNes, BabiesRUs, and many more!

20160506 BCM 1

Since new parents are constantly searching for information and education the Biggest Baby Shower  (which is now nationwide in Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles) offers lots of seminars – moderated by Carolina Bermudez (WKTU Morning Show Co Host) – and led by Jessica Hartshorn (FitPregnancy and Baby), Deena Blanchard, MD (Board Certified Pediatrician), Adam Cohen (Founder of DaDa Rocks), Donna Ellenbogen (Founder of Family Wellness Solutions), Bobbie Thomas (Style Editor of The Today Show and TV Personality), Tanya Altman (Board Certified Pediatrician)MaryAnn Zoelner and Alicia Ybarbo (Today Show Producers and Authors). 

20160506 BCM 3

There are also crazy prize giveaways (strollers, high chairs, diaper bags, car seats, etc), snacks, demonstrations, games, mocktails, Mama pampering and of course so much swag (hundreds of dollars in baby essentials) you’ll need to take cab home. Just check out this video for a preview or this blog post on November’s Shower in New York to get sneak peek!

My favorite way to highlight how valuable this event is would be to share a personal story about when I was transitioning my daughter from her infant carrier into her next car seat. I did my research to figure out the best brand at that time. They were at the Biggest Baby Shower. I went up to their brand representative, explained my personal situation and asked her to help me decide which car seat was the right one for me since I was going cross eyed with all my research. She simply smiled, pointed to one and said “easy, all of our kids use that one”. Done. It was ordered and on its way within minutes. *Exhale*.

20160506 BCM 5

Getting to speak with over a hundred brand representatives in one place at one time who can easily answer your most challenging questions is invaluable for a new or expectant parent. Or any parent really! Attending the Biggest Baby Shower not only gives you the answers but is the answer.


Big City Moms is excited as I am for YOU to check out the Biggest Baby Shower so they’ve generously offered to give away one Couples Standard Pass to a lucky Mint Chip Mama reader.

This pass admits 2 people, Includes 1 gift bag, access to seminars, samples, shopping, treats & mocktails. THIS TICKET DOES NOT INCLUDE A BINGO CARD. ($127 value).

To win – comment below – the purchase of what item is causing you the most stress & why?

Winner chosen Monday, May 9th at 5pm. 

But wait! Everyone is a winner! Use the Promo Code: Special when you register now to get $15 off!

Tickets start at $65. *Ultimate Tickets holders go home with a BECO Baby Carrier and their choice of a 4Moma Rockaroo, Britax Stroller or a Quinny Stroller.*




20 thoughts on “Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower EVER!

  1. Rachel Klein

    Safety gates stress me out! We have two flights of stairs side by side on the main level that really need to be blocked off. We had a makeshift solution for my daughter, but it really only blocked the stairs going down. And it made a bunch of major holes in our walls. Hoping to come up with something better this time around. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica Bilmes

    Quite a few things at this point 😳 We live in a 600 sq ft apartment so we’re trying how to get creative with space. We’re considering bassinets instead of a crib at first, but not sure if a co-sleeper or dock a tot is better?? Do we need a swing, bouncer and mamaroo? Also trying to figure out stroller (Vista like everyone else or something different?) and carrier (soft or ergo? Or maybe Lille or bjorn??). Bottles are also a huge toss up!! I hear Dr. Browns are loved by many but annoying to wash…so maybe Avent? So many choices as a first time mom and trying to manage all these questions alone!!! I’m already 6 months pregnant so definitely need to smart making some decisions. I think this event could be SUPER helpful for me and my husband to attend!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dana morgan

    Choosing the right stroller to fit mine and my husbands lifestyle is definitely my biggest stress. We are both very active and not sure which stroller would transition best between hiking, jogging, and a city lifestyle.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am quite literally getting gray hairs over the purchase of a double stroller. I have a maniac of a 2 year old and another on the way in 2.5 months, so I need something that can accommodate both a toddler and an infant, but we live in NYC so it needs to be light and easy to navigate through these busy streets. On top of that, I need to be able to fold it and put it into a car/taxi while wrangling two kids at the same time. This is harder than choosing a college.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Holly Jones

    The right safety equipment, car seats, beds/sleepers, strollers, 4moms swing, baby proofing, etc.
    It takes a lot to worry just about the baby, and having the added stress of purchasing the right thing for your baby just adds to it. Especially because you don’t always know what your baby needs until he/she gets here.

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