How to Sew a Simple Cloth Face Mask

As Covid-19 spreads it’s important that we are protecting ourselves from contact. Many people in the medical profession are near, but not close enough to get the highly coveted, low inventory medical grade face masks. We wanted to help those in our community who need masks but can’t get them right now. This includes staffContinue reading “How to Sew a Simple Cloth Face Mask”

Free Facebook Live/Zoom/Instagram/Twitter Classes During the Corona Virus Staycation of 2020 (Updated Daily)

I’ve compiling a list of free Facebook Live/Zoom/Instagram events throughout the country while we’re all (hopefully) Coronostaycationing. Please share & if you know of any, please advise. List will be updated throughout the day by The Mint Chip Mama. Please email me at  All daily “classes” are listed in chronological order for each day.Continue reading “Free Facebook Live/Zoom/Instagram/Twitter Classes During the Corona Virus Staycation of 2020 (Updated Daily)”

X My Daughter is 10! X

A decade. A decade has passed since I felt the excitement of the unknown of becoming a mom. A decade filled with turning over, first steps, first words, sleepless nights. A decade of passing along clothes too small that I never thought would fit you. A decade of not knowing if I’d ever sleep againContinue reading “X My Daughter is 10! X”

The Mint Chip Mama’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

  It’s that time of year again, holiday shopping time! Here at The Mint Chip Mama (please follow my Blog, and Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram pages) we attend awesome events all year long so we can present new items to you that are pretty fetch. Below are some of my favorites from this year, someContinue reading “The Mint Chip Mama’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!”

Huzzah! Boston – The Perfect Family Vacation

Boston is not only a family friendly walking city but one filled with delicious restaurants and beautiful parks. It’s the epitome of the perfect family destination. My love of Boston began as a teenager when I visited the city with camp. I remember many of the things we did but my favorite memory was ofContinue reading “Huzzah! Boston – The Perfect Family Vacation”

Edaville Family Theme Park, Home of Thomas Land!

If you have a “Thomas the Tank Engine” fiend in your house (like I do – a deux), you must go – right now – to the Edaville Family Theme Park in Carver, MA. My two boys can sit and play with trains for hours. I see it as not only a bonding activity (whenContinue reading “Edaville Family Theme Park, Home of Thomas Land!”

Broadway Shows on Long Island at The Tilles Center!

Let’s cut right to the chase. If Broadway was a twenty minute drive from your house with unlimited free parking and relatively inexpensive tickets, you’d go often, right? Well, guess what? IT IS! Over the past year I have been lucky enough to partner with The Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. We had aContinue reading “Broadway Shows on Long Island at The Tilles Center!”

Sesame Street Live! Make your Magic

Who doesn’t want to see their favorite TV show characters come to life on stage or see their little kid smile & shriek “Cookie!!”? You got me! Because I do! Sesame Street is a favorite show in this house – across all ages (adults included). So when I was offered tickets to come see theContinue reading “Sesame Street Live! Make your Magic”

Our Town: Act 3, Mark Duplass & Perspective on Kids

I was playing at the playground yesterday with my son, who is currently two years and nine months old. I was playing at a playground where I used to take my middle son, now five. I was looking at my little one – in my middle son’s old clothes – standing in the exact placeContinue reading “Our Town: Act 3, Mark Duplass & Perspective on Kids”

The 2018-2019 Big Apple Circus!

I’m a huge circus fan and one lucky lady. We’ve been guests of the Big Apple Circus before (in 2014 and 2015) and couldn’t wait to return this year for it’s 41st season!   Once again in Lincoln Center (through January 27th, 2019) we were able to relive the joy of the big top. This time, we brought our two-year-old and experiencing itContinue reading “The 2018-2019 Big Apple Circus!”