Free Facebook Live/Zoom/Instagram/Twitter Classes During the Corona Virus Staycation of 2020 (Updated Daily)

I’m compiling a list of free Facebook Live/Zoom/Instagram events throughout the country while we’re all (hopefully) Coronostaycationing. Please share & if you know of any, please advise. List will be updated throughout the day by The Mint Chip Mama. Please email me at  All daily “classes” are listed in chronological order for each day.Continue reading “Free Facebook Live/Zoom/Instagram/Twitter Classes During the Corona Virus Staycation of 2020 (Updated Daily)”

The Mint Chip Mama’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

  It’s that time of year again, holiday shopping time! Here at The Mint Chip Mama (please follow my Blog, and Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram pages) we attend awesome events all year long so we can present new items to you that are pretty fetch. Below are some of my favorites from this year, someContinue reading “The Mint Chip Mama’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!”

Broadway Shows on Long Island at The Tilles Center!

Let’s cut right to the chase. If Broadway was a twenty minute drive from your house with unlimited free parking and relatively inexpensive tickets, you’d go often, right? Well, guess what? IT IS! Over the past year I have been lucky enough to partner with The Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. We had aContinue reading “Broadway Shows on Long Island at The Tilles Center!”

Sesame Street Live! Make your Magic

Who doesn’t want to see their favorite TV show characters come to life on stage or see their little kid smile & shriek “Cookie!!”? You got me! Because I do! Sesame Street is a favorite show in this house – across all ages (adults included). So when I was offered tickets to come see theContinue reading “Sesame Street Live! Make your Magic”

The 2018-2019 Big Apple Circus!

I’m a huge circus fan and one lucky lady. We’ve been guests of the Big Apple Circus before (in 2014 and 2015) and couldn’t wait to return this year for it’s 41st season!   Once again in Lincoln Center (through January 27th, 2019) we were able to relive the joy of the big top. This time, we brought our two-year-old and experiencing itContinue reading “The 2018-2019 Big Apple Circus!”

The Mint Chip Mama’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

The Mint Chip Mama’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! It’s that time of year again! Let the fun begin to scramble and get it together for the holidays before all the cool toys sell out.  I’m sorry – I mean – it’s the most magical time of the year! Here at The Mint Chip Mama (Blog,Continue reading “The Mint Chip Mama’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!”

Family Fun! Performances at The Tilles Center!

As Long Islanders, we’re so lucky to have a great performing arts venue like the Tilles Center in our backyard. Not only is the Tilles Center the only theater on Long Island that hosts nationally touring Broadway productions – like Rocktopia, Spamalot, Finding Neverland, and more – but they also host a wide variety of world-renownedContinue reading “Family Fun! Performances at The Tilles Center!”

The Mint Chip Mama’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

#holidaygiftguide #mtholiday Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? Thanksgiving is creeping up quickly and before we know it snow will be falling and presents will be everywhere! I put a lot of time and love into my blog posts and Facebook page (where I post something fun daily). So many placesContinue reading “The Mint Chip Mama’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!”

The Downtown Experience, powered by The Ride

@TheRideNYC I never make a big deal out of my birthday. This year, after dealing with three kids all day and never having time for myself, I thought I would try something new – and celebrate it properly! As if on cue, I received an invitation for the new Downtown Experience, powered by The Ride. AsContinue reading “The Downtown Experience, powered by The Ride”

Mr. Popper’s Penuins at The Victory Theater

@Popper_Penguins #loveoftheater @NewVictory  Tonight I was lucky enough to see Mr. Popper’s Penguins at The New Victory Theater. It was fantastic! Or should I say fin-tactic!?  flap-tactic?  flip-tastic?  Ok, I’ll stop.  I’ve seen a lot of kids shows and I usually play along and like them for my kids but this was different. It was legitContinue reading “Mr. Popper’s Penuins at The Victory Theater”